Current research interests regarding interfaces, domains, domain walls, vortices, spin currents and spin torque, spin textures and skyrmions in (multi)ferroics constitute an emerging field in solid state physics and materials science. Connecting these research fields with topological concepts in physics will contribute to the fundamental understanding and will merge these hot topics. The goal of this workshop hence lies in sharing and discussing your latest works in this field with internationally known scientists. It thus is a pleasure to welcome all of you to the TOPO2016 workshop held in Dresden/Germany.

Contributions to the following topics with a clear focus on (multi)ferroic materials are welcome:

  • Domains and domain walls
  • Skyrmions and chiral spin textures
  • Vortex, anti-vortex and vertex structures
  • Interfaces and topologies
  • Spin torque and spin waves
  • Nanoscale characterization
  • Photoelectricity and photovoltaics.